People tear off SPF roofs.

Usually tear-off of a SPF roof happens because of a couple of reasons. One is that the particular roofing contractor making this statement does not have the knowledge, equipment, or capability to install or repair the SPF roofing system. The repair of a SPF roof is normally a lower-cost solution than the removal of the SPF roof. If a roof contractor does not have this capability, he tears the SPF off and installs one he can do — just as SPF contractors do with other roofing systems. The second reason for this tear-off scenario is that the roof in question is a poorly installed, designed, or maintained SPF roofing system, and it may be best to tear it off and start over. Every day, I talk to many people who have very little knowledge about the SPF roofing systems, yet the industry has excellent documents on how to inspect, repair, and install these types of roofing systems. Most often, this myth occurs due to lack of knowledge about the roofing system. Most of the applications that I have seen over the past 35 years have been good-performing SPF roof applications. They are the norm rather than the exception.

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