You can’t get a good SPF roofing system.

Seeking the lowest priced system or the one with the longest warranty is most likely not the best way to buy a roof. Start by contacting either of the two trade associations and researching the requirements for the SPF roofing system to be correctly installed. Check out the SPF contractor, just as you should do with any roofing contractor or construction professional. Ask to see past work that can be visited, or ask for references that you can call. Design professionals can build up the best specifications with the best products, and yet the project may not be done by the best applicators. We have many applicators in our industry who have proven themselves and their workmanship for more than three decades or longer. They have a history of putting down good SPF roofing systems. Those that do not have knowledge of a product or system create myths. Those that compete against a particular system can create them. Those intending to either install or purchase the material or end product should understand the facts of any particular construction material, design, and proper application. Spend a little time and look into the system, and you will be very pleased with its performance when properly installed.

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