Mike Lopez Roofing created a very strong roof for our home. Their roof was so strong… that when severe water damages were made from a contractor’s negligent workmanship to our parapets and stucco…our roof far surpassed the strain and continued to hold up long enough so we did not lose our entire roof or adjacent structure. If you want to work with someone who takes “ownership” of your roof…when you need the right help, right then…you can depend on Mike Lopez Roofing to be there for “you”. Every step of the way my husband and I were educated, guided and consulted about our choices. When it came time to do the demolition, at the end of their day….their men were on the roof to cover and secure everything from any possible weather damage. When their crew left the job, we knew that everything had been done to keep our roof watertight and we slept peacefully. Until the end of the job, every step was taken to satisfy the integrity of our structure and the appearance of our home. They went over and beyond the norm when it came to the clean up and replacement of gravel needed on top of our roof and the surrounding grounds. In closing…if there is one word that depicts the quality they gave us it’s the word “PROTECTION”. That is what good roofing is all about isn’t it?
– Carol and Randall Sword

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