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Vivace delivers optimal results. Combine a best-in-class, state-of-the-art Microneedling RF device designed with patient comfort and optimal outcomes in mind, the right numbing cream, serums and recovery care, and you’ve got a winning combination that will enhance patient reuse, retention and referrals.

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It’s the newest generation of microneedling with radio frequency, and The Vivace is FDA-cleared for your safety. This non-surgical treatment for contouring and tightening the face, neck and body stimulates the production of collagen, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles using the most revolutionary, best-inclass Vivace Microneedling RF device designed for an incomparable, comfortable experience.

We combine the best device with the newest breakthroughs in numbing, treatment serums and recovery care to create an optimal experience for you that might just keep you from investigating other more invasive procedures down the road. The Vivace Experience provides the most dramatic results with less pain and less downtime. The results are both immediate and improve over time with multiple treatments. With results you can see, you’ll look and feel your best at any age.


Pinnacle Numbing Cream
is the best numbing cream in the industry. This excellent quality, patient- centered numbing cream is core to The Vivace Experience as it reduces pain for a more relaxing experience. With a Versapro Base and a combination of Benzocaine, Lidocaine and/or Tetracaine, we work with Pinnacle Compounding to mill a cream that does not run or melt as the patient goes through the numbing process. Highly effective for our patients, even at the highest settings of The Vivace, many have reported to feel very little to no pain.
Skin Condition: Skin Preparation for non-surgical treatments

Optimal Treatment Serum

boostglideBoost Glide Serum
is a triple peptide treatment serum that  contains naturally occurring amino acids Adiponin, Syndermind and Winhibin, powerful tripeptides that deliver advanced skincare benefits and are the building blocks of great skin.
Syndermin: Light molecular weighted FGF (fibroblast growth factor) receptor agonistic tripeptide peptide for wound healing.
Adiponin: Promotes ECM (extra-cellular matrix) formation. Suppresses metastasis and inflammatory reactions.
Winhibin: inhibits skin pigmentation and works for skin lightening.
It is a specially formulated lubricating gel used during The Vivace Experience or at home to support the patient experience of successful immediate outcomes.
Skin Condition: Fine lines, Wrinkles, Uneven skin tone. Promotes healing and collagen development.



enhanceEnhance Weekly Mask is a breakthrough  innovation that combines Binterin (CD99)  peptides in an anti-inflammatory cooling fluid  to promote fast, effective recovery from  micro-invasive procedures, microneedling and  peels. Enhance can be used as an accelerator  to your regular skincare regime and is core to  The Vivace Experience.

Skin Condition: Soothing, Anti-inflammatory  rejuvenating cream. Promotes healing and  restoring collagen foundation.

Soothe Recovery System


Soothe Recovery Spray
is essential for cellular rebirth of wounded or damaged skin. It’s all natural and accelerates tissue repair. It is the most clinically tested recovery spray, and is perfect for post-procedural treatment. It contains only low molecular substances such as amino acids, peptides and nucleic acid components of less than 10,000 Dalton molecular weight compared to viruses with molecular weights usually far exceeding 100,000 Daltons.
This revolutionary spray is made up of many ingredients including:
• Natural Amino Acids, the building blocks of the body
• Trace Minerals, essential in the utilization of vitamins and nutrients within cells
• Electrolytes, conducting electricity within the cells
• Hyaluronic Acid
• Peptides
• Nucleosides & Nucleotides, the building blocks of RNA and DNA
• Vitamins A, B1, B12, B2, B6, D, K1, promotes healing

Soothe Recovery Spray provides the missing essential elements needed for your skin’s health, beauty and protection against dryness and aging. Enhanced healing means less inflammation and potentially less scaring, less erythema, less pain and a better result, which has been clinical proven.
Skin Condition: Skin Healing

This gentle, easy-to-rinse azulene Soothe Recovery Cleanser has emollients that remove makeup and impurities without stripping or dehydrating the skin. The cleanser melts off the Soothe Recovery Balm without pain for reapplication, which increases patient compliance. Promoting painless reapplication, it also reduces the time a patient’s skin is exposed to painful open air. Less pain reduces calls to the physicians’ offices regarding pain management. Patients enjoy this product and tend to refer others as a result of having less pain. In the end, Soothe Recovery Balm creates better quality, appearance and texture of the skin.
Skin Condition: Skin Cleansing

Soothe Recovery Balm
has a low melting rate with a paraffin base that takes the pain out of reapplication. It reduces need to use painful hot water and scrubbing to wash off the balm for reapplication. This comfort factor increases patient compliance and results with painless reapplication and reduces the time the patient’s skin is exposed to painful open air. Less pain reduces calls to the physicians’ offices regarding pain management. Patients  enjoy this product and tend to refer others as a result of having less pain. In the end, Soothe Recovery Balm creates better quality, appearance and texture of the skin.
Skin Condition: Skin Healing and Protection

Before and Afters

  • Belinda Mori is one of the best in her field. I have been to several Med Spa's in Albuquerque having lived here all my life and found that Belinda is by far one of the most knowledgeable about skin. I love the fact that she does not try to sell you something you do not need as well as caters to your specific needs. I have had her chemical peel (one of the best I've ever had) as well as the Mixto C02 MicroResurfacing. I am only on day 4 from having the refurfacing procedure done and my skin already looks brand new!! I LOVE IT! I highly recommend this MedSpa. 

  • Belinda is very knowledgeable. In the couple of times I have went to her for microdermabrasion's.They went well and I can say my face has smoothed down. Loved that she took the extra step and cleared some blemishes out for me with an extractor.(I think that's what its called). I'll be seeing you soon Belinda! Thank you for everything! 

    Priscilla M
  • Love this place! Vanessa does a very nice job and I am extremely pleased with my results. I look forward to my future appointment.


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