Ease The Transition Into Winter

With the impending sense of colder weather, we are well aware that the autumn leaves will give way to a cooler temperatures, as we are on the heels of winter. Are you ready for the season change that is about to come? We have some ideas that will help you with a smooth transition into this new time of year. … Read More

The Most Relaxing Instrument? The Harp

If you’re looking to calm your nerves, harp music might do the trick. A University of Arizona study explored the healing powers of music and showed that patients are most eased by the harp. Carrol McLaughlin, a professor and harpist, teamed up with The University of Arizona Medical Center to see just how powerful her music could be. “The more … Read More

Oily Skin Solutions

If you’re the victim of over productive sebaceous glands, then you might have oily skin. Your pores may become clogged more easily, makeup doesn’t stay matte and you may even have to stop in the middle of the day to blot the access oil from your face. For those suffering from oily skin, changing just a few tasks in your … Read More

4 Tips To Find Your Perfect Foundation

The right foundation is key to your overall look. If your foundation is the wrong shade or looks blotchy, it can drastically change your image. To find a foundation that looks natural, you’ll want to check out these four tips. TEST FOUNDATION ON YOUR JAW LINE Many women rub a little foundation on their hand or arm to test the … Read More

Look Your Best In Four Steps

As summer starts to end and tans begin to fade, you may notice that your skin is looking dull and dry. You may also see signs of sun damage like wrinkles, brown spots, freckles, a blotchy or an uneven complexion. The best thing you can do to protect your skin from future sun damage is to cover up and use … Read More

Vitamins That Promote Youthful Skin

We all know eating healthy and exercising are the best steps to ensure a long life. While every doctor encourages you to eat your fruits and vegetables, you should also take note of a few foods that can improve the look of your skin. Your skin needs certain vitamins to stay youthful and wrinkle-free. Check out the top four vitamins … Read More

A Youthful You

You notice lines on your face that weren’t there yesterday. Or someone asks you if you’re feeling OK because you’ve been looking tired lately. You check yourself out in the mirror and you hardly recognize yourself. Who IS that old person peering back at you? While it’s inevitable that we all get older, maybe you’re not ready to LOOK older. … Read More

The Facial Fruit

A facial is a great way to rejuvenate your skin. From the exfoliating process to the cleansing masks used, the treatment will reveal a younger, fresher you. Plus, a facial is relaxing. You get to kick back and be pampered while  we take you through the various steps of a facial. You might not recognize some of the creams and … Read More

Healthy Skin Hints

We enjoy getting your skin to look it’s best. It’s our job to make sure that your face treatment is custom to you. We are able to get your face to glow and come alive, however, for continued glow, some help is needed by you. We have outlined some simple hints, according your skin type, to get you well on … Read More

Facials Top 3 Benefits

Who doesn’t like receiving a relaxing facial? There are many reasons why it is enjoyable to melt into the aesthitician chair, however, facials are also an essential part to having radiant skin. We have three reasons why everyone should come in to experience this one-of-a-kind treatment. CLEANSING For starters, a facial gives your skin a deep cleaning. Think of all … Read More