Many of us try to stay young at heart to fully experience all the adventures that life has to offer. Although time is always passing by, you can have your youthful spirit continue to show through your face. There are several ways to diminish the signs of aging and here’s a look at a few treatments that will either treat wrinkles, or prevent them from appearing in the first place:


There are too many anti-aging creams on the market to count. Some work, while others make fabulous claims and offer little results. Save yourself time and money and use a retinol-based cream. Retinol is basically a liquid form of Vitamin A which, when applied to the skin, has remarkable results. Retinol creams can fade fine lines, soften skin and improve complexion.


Botox is a great way to zap wrinkles. It is injected into wrinkle-prone areas like the forehead, the corners of eyes, and around the lips. The ingredients in Botox keep your skin from sagging into creased areas. It usually lasts for four to six months before another round of injections is needed.


Whatever your age, there is no better wrinkle-prevention plan than sunblock. Carry a small tube in your purse and be sure to apply it if you’re headed outdoors. Even small doses of winter sun can cause damage overtime, so don’t put the SPF away just because the season changes.

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