What is Mixto Laser Treatment?

The MiXto technology is a revolutionary new treatment for Skin Rejuvenation that makes it possible for you to have healthy, younger looking skin with minimal post treatment down time. A single treatment can show significant improvement in skin texture and color while minimizing wrinkles. In addition, it treats many disorders associated with skin aging stimulating the formation of new skin collagen, tightening of the skin and removal of the signs of aging. The fractional CO2 laser not only erases brown spots, it corrects an uneven skin tone, while reducing wrinkles.

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Before & After

I have always taken great care of my skin but nothing was helping with the brown spots and fine lines on my face. I heard amazing things about MiXto skin resurfacing through my golfing friends and decided to try it myself. The biggest improvement I noticed was the texture of my skin was so much smoother. When I went to the Doctor for my checkup visit, they were impressed with the texture but were more amazed at the tightening effect it had along my jawline and around my eyes. It’s been six months since my MiXto treatmentand my skin improves everyday!
Wilma G.