What is Frozen C ?

Safely delivering concentrated, controlled, and exceptionally cold medical-grade cryogen, FROZEN C increases blood flow and causes proliferation of available oxygen to revive skin tissues. With a temperature of -180º, this revitalizing skin treatment uses its advanced cryogenic technique to treat a variety of negative skin traits, such as acne, rosacea, and fine lines, while also reducing pore size and skin bacteria and increasing collagen production. Additionally, its calming and cooling enhances the efficacy, safety, and comfort of various surgical procedures, such as microneedling, tattoo removal, and injections. Treatments range from one to 10 minutes with little downtime, and because of its extreme cold, FROZEN C reduces inflammation, side effects, pain, and downtime of other procedures. It’s skin therapy and rejuvenation all at -78º C—discover the cold, concise cryotherapy of FROZEN C today!

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