What is BioTE

Hormones act as a crucial regulatory system in the body, and as we age, our hormone production changes causing hormone imbalance and can lead to a variety of bothersome and debilitating side effects and symptoms. Bio-TE® is a treatment used to help optimize hormone production, keeping hormones at a constant level and in turn, lessening symptoms. Unlike orally or topically administered treatments, this therapy keeps hormone levels consistent throughout the day without you having to think twice about it and avoids the rollercoaster-like effects found commonly in other treatments.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is done by inserting two to four pellets per year in to the gluteal area. These pellets use bio-identical hormones derived from plants rather than animals, because of their close relation to hormones found in our body. Each pellet is custom-compounded to the patient's unique physiology, ensuring the greatest possible success in achieving hormone balance. Once inserted, a consistent dose of natural hormones enters the bloodstream. The tiny pellets continue to regularly administer the hormones your body needs to successively relieve you of symptoms that stem from hormone imbalance.

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