What is Nutrafol ?

A whole new approach to hair health. Formulated with 100% drug-free, nutraceutical ingredients clinically shown to improve hair growth. Highly concentrated, clinically-tested botanical ingredients strengthen your hair. No prescriptions and no adverse side effects. No compromise to overall wellness, sexual or otherwise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nutrafol work?
The latest findings in hair research have shown us something surprising – that yes, while DNA plays a role in compromised hair health, so do other very significant factors. Stress elevates cortisol. Changes associated with aging can be aggravated by the crazy lifestyles we all lead. Nutrafol’s clinically tested botanical ingredients have been shown to multi-target these conditions on a consistent, daily basis to improve the health of your hair, and your overall wellness.

What kind of results can I see with Nutrafol?
Choosing to take control of your hair health, is already a remarkable achievement. Congratulations! Because by taking a stand to do what you can to keep your hair, regardless of stage or age, you are already on the road to success.

Everyone is different. Generally, when someone begins their journey with Nutrafol, they start to see some results early on. But let’s be honest – patience, like hair, is something we all wish we had more of. Growing… hair… takes… time. It’s a complicated process. But there are in fact things we can do to kick-start the action. There’s no magic pill here… just a great way to support wellness from within by nourishing the environment that makes hair happy.

Of course, consistency is key. If you keep with Nutrafol for 6 months, here’s a snapshot of what you’re likely to experience:

  • Stage One
    Less shedding. As hair follicles begin to be nourished, you’ll notice less hair on your pillowcase, in your brush and drain.
  • Stage Two
    A noticeable increase in healthy hair. You’ll notice that the quality of your hair has changed. It just feels healthier than before. Many users report overall positive benefits to their skin as well.
  • Stage Three (6 months and beyond)
    Your hair has now become stronger and more vibrant. It feels thicker and more robust. Thinning and breakage continues to decline and you are excited by what you see in the mirror. And, how you feel inside.

Will Nutrafol work for my hair type?
Short answer: Yes!

Fun fact! Your hair type is determined by the shape of the follicle that your hair grows from. If your follicle is flat or more oval shaped, the curlier your hair, while the more circular the follicle is, the straighter the hair. Nutrafol has been tested by customers and in-house to work on stimulating hair growth from the follicle, improving hair texture, and creating beautiful hair again whether your hair is kinky, coily, wavy, straight, or curly.

Is there anything I can do to improve thinning hair?
Yes, and it all starts with addressing the overall health of your scalp environment by targeting the factors that cause thinning hair – like stress, cortisol, hormonal imbalances and more. The type of results you get largely depends on the overall state of your follicles. When we’re young, our follicles are healthy and may contain several hairs, but as we age, our follicles age with us. They get smaller and thinner and shrink with each hair cycle. Soon there may be one hair, and then, none. At this point, some of the follicles are replaced by shiny skin tissue and are no longer viable. But fear not, there’s hope for the others – the ones that are dormant, or sleeping. This is when Nutrafol is most effective, not only by revitalizing the sleeping follicles, but nourishing the existing ones, too.

How is Nutrafol different from biotin and other hair vitamins, minerals and marine collagen supplements?
The latest hair research reveals that hair thinning is due to an accumulation of causes—stress (elevated cortisol), hormones (DHT), oxidative damage, as well as the natural processes of aging. Achieving healthier hair requires that you address these underlying causes on a consistent, ongoing basis. Nutrafol uses specifically selected botanical nutraceutical ingredients with potent and unique properties. These nutraceuticals are bio-optimized and clinically tested for efficacy against these causes.

Vitamins and minerals like biotin and zinc, as well as marine collagen (protein) are important for maintaining healthy hair, because they provide necessary nourishment and serve as coenzymes in the mechanics of hair production. However, on their own, they’re simply not enough.

Think of it like watering a plant in sick soil. It doesn’t matter how much you water it if the roots are in an unhealthy environment. Same with a follicle – if you don’t address the underlying causes at the root, the follicle is unlikely to absorb and use the nourishment. So before you provide the nutrients, you need to address the health of the environment with botanical nutraceuticals.

What is a nutraceutical?
“Nutrient” (nourishing component) plus “pharmaceutical” (bioactive) = “Nutraceutical”

Nutraceuticals are nutrients derived from food, botanicals or herbs. Then, in the purification process, they’re held to exacting pharmaceutical-grade standards.

What makes Nutrafol’s nutraceutical ingredients stand out?

Not all ingredients are created equal. For exponentially better efficacy and safety, our phytoactive nutraceuticals are:

Standardized to contain guaranteed amounts of bioactive phytonutrients
Clinically Tested for Efficacy and Safety in clinical studies showing specific bioactivities, health benefits and protection against chronic disease.
To ensure maximum efficacy and safety, Nutrafol uses the highest quality, standardized, clinically tested and patented botanical nutraceutical ingredients.

What is the difference between Nutrafol for Men and Nutrafol for Women?
When it comes to treating thinning hair, men and women have different biochemical needs. For instance, men produce higher levels of the hair-damaging hormone DHT, while women produce less. Thanks to years of research, Nutrafol is able to adjust to this by re-calibrating the amount of Saw Palmetto – a highly effective DHT blocker, in the men’s formula to better target that particular root cause. On the other hand, women need more support against the harmful effects of stress, which require a careful balancing of pure botanical ingredients and collagen.

What if I’m not losing my hair, but want it to be healthier, stronger and more vibrant?
The all-natural ingredients in Nutrafol feed and nourish your follicles, working from within to achieve optimal balance through their innate anti-oxidant and anti-stress properties. Many people who do not suffer from thinning take Nutrafol as a preventative or to support healthier hair. The ingredients in Nutrafol have been clinically shown to strengthen hair from within – giving your hair the healthy qualities you desire.

How does stress negatively impact the hair growth cycle?
If we have to lose something, then let it be stress. The negative effects of stress are well-documented, but here’s how it affects your hair – when we are stressed, the body pools its natural defense resources away from the organs that are technically non-essential, to those considered vital for survival, like heart and lungs. And while we may consider our hair to be important, the body doesn’t necessarily agree, and our follicles are “left out in the cold.” That’s when the adrenal glands kick in, and start pumping out a hormone called cortisol. High levels of cortisol not only compromise the follicles, but also disrupt other important stuff like thyroid, estrogen and progesterone hormones, which are essential for hair growth. At the follicle, elevated levels of cortisol can generate signaling molecules that disrupt its perfectly regulated hair growth cycle, sending the signal for the follicle to go into the regression phase and stop hair production. All of this eventually leads to oxidative damage and increased cytokine molecules that lead to unhealty hair. Nutrafol’s botanical stress adaptogens have been shown in clinical studies to rebalance cortisol levels in chronically stressed adults.

Are there any other positive, healthy side benefits reported with taking Nutrafol?
Oh yes. Nutrafol is a hair health powerhouse, yet its pure botanical ingredients have been shown to produce many other positive effects below the hairline including: reduced feelings of stress and fatigue, improved sleep, circulation, blood flow, blood glucose levels, decreased sugar cravings, boosted immune system and healthier libido (wink wink!) Many of our customers report these additional benefits and more. Many also report significantly faster and stronger nail growth as well.

For ingredient studies see: ashwaghanda and curcumin.

Is Nutrafol suitable for everyone?
Nutrafol is suitable for all types of hair and ethnicities. We have two all-natural formulations – one for women and one for men, each uniquely designed to match the differentiating and specific biological needs of both sexes.

However, you do have to be over 18 years of age, and it is not suitable for women who may be pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have a medical condition, or are taking medications (specifically anticoagulant and blood thinning drugs), it’s always wise to consult with your physician before using.

I know certain treatments can cause side effects. Tell me about Nutrafol.
Nutrafol is made from pure ingredients found in nature and is 100% drug-free. There are many positive side effects, like signs of improved general wellness and overall skin health – things that go hand in hand with stress reduction, healthy antioxidant levels and proper nutritional support. Negative side effects, such as sexual dysfunction, are not found with the botanical ingredients of Nutrafol. In fact, one of our key ingredients, Saw Palmetto, has been shown to support healthy libido.

Are there risks of taking Nutrafol with thyroid medication?
Well-balanced thyroid hormone levels are absolutely necessary for healthy hair growth. And thyroid irregularities are often found to be a hidden cause contributing to poor hair health. There should be no problems taking Nutrafol with thyroid medications. In fact, one of our co-founders is a thyroid cancer survivor and he takes his synthroid along with his Nutrafol daily. What’s more, some of our ingredients like Ashwagandha, selenium and others – are actually known to improve and support healthy thyroid function.

As always, if you have a medical condition(s) or taking prescription medication(s), we advise you consult with your doctor before beginning any new dietary supplement, including Nutrafol…just to be safe.

Is there a risk that Nutrafol will lower my sex drive?
No. Nutrafol is made from pure botanical ingredients found in nature and is 100% drug-free.

In fact, one of our key ingredients, Saw Palmetto, has been shown to support healthier libido.

Will Nutrafol grow unwanted hair on any other parts of my body?
No, and here’s why. Research shows that high levels of the hormone DHT can shrink scalp follicles in both men and women. But for face and body hair follicles, the reverse is actually true where DHT positively signals growth. Saw Palmetto, one of Nutrafol’s key ingredients, has been shown to reduce DHT activity. Meaning that the only hair you’ll be regenerating is where it belongs – on your scalp.

Are there any contraindications or precautions with Nutrafol?
Nutrafol is for adult usage only (18+ years old) so please keep out of reach of children. It’s also not suitable for women who are or may be pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have a medical condition or taking prescription medications, it is always advisable to consult your doctor prior to using any new dietary supplement, including Nutrafol.

Blood thinners: Several plant actives in Nutrafol are known natural blood thinners that improve blood flow and circulation. Therefore if you are prone to bleeding episodes, have a blood condition or taking blood thinning, anti-coagulant or anti-platelet drugs (Warfarin, Plavix, Heparin, etc.) – you need to be careful with ingesting any additional natural blood thinners and should consult with your doctor before considering Nutrafol.

Hormone-sensitive conditions in women: Saw palmetto is an ingredient in Nutrafol. While it’s considered to be a phytoestrogen for its potential effect on hormones and/or hormone receptors, it is a counter-intuitive classification. Unlike proven phytoestrogens from dietary plants (e.g. soy), saw palmetto’s main effect is not on estrogen, but on testosterone. Its main effect is on androgen receptors and on blocking the 5-a reductase enzyme to prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone – the primary hair damaging hormone that acts on follicles as a trigger for hair loss in genetically predisposed individuals.

While numerous studies have shown the benefits of Saw Palmetto, there have been no conclusive studies to indicate what the effects may be regarding saw palmetto’s effects on estrogen receptors and estrogen related conditions. The amount of saw palmetto in the women’s formulation is significantly lower than in the men’s. Whether the amount of Saw Palmetto in women’s Nutrafol is significant or not to have an effect on estrogen receptors – there is no good way of knowing. In other words, if there is an estrogenic effect, it is probably unlikely to be more than the content of dietary estrogens normally consumed in a daily diet.

However, if you have or have had a hormone responsive cancer, it is important to speak to your doctor before making decisions regarding any herbal supplements.