Botox May Help Teeth Grinders

Botox won’t just erase fine lines and wrinkles; a new study shows it could also help teeth grinders. Here are the main points of that study: The study was small, with just 23 people participating. Half of the group received Botox injections, the other half received placebo injections. It showed that Botox injections at the temple and jaw can stop, or … Read More

Migraine Sufferers Benefit From Botox

The nation’s popular wrinkle reducer is also used to prevent migraines. About 12 percent of Americans suffer from migraines, which can cause pulsing, radiating pain from the head and neck. Migraines can also cause sensitivity to light and nausea. The pain often makes it difficult to function at work or at home, but periodic Botox injections can help prevent the … Read More

Smooth Skin For Summer

Itchy dry skin can be an annoyance in the summer months. With more sun exposure and air conditioned buildings, our skin becomes dull and depleted. That soft baby skin that we dream of turns into alligator skin and we increase our lotion use to get rid of the scales. There is a quick home treatment that can help with dryness … Read More