During Your Workout: How To Best Care For Your Face

By all means, when you’re at the gym, work up a sweat. A solid workout routine will do wonders for your overall health, but it can create a few problems in the skin care department. That sweaty layer you’ve got going on is clogging your pores creating a breeding ground for acne. Don’t let a little sweat stop you from having radiant skin. Just follow these skin care tips:


Ladies, if you’re hitting the gym after work, head to the restroom first and wipe the makeup off your face. The combination of makeup and sweat spells disaster for your skin. Use a basic face wash to remove the makeup from your face.


Once you’ve finished your hour on the treadmill, wash your face again. Yes, it’s a little repetitive, but it’s the best way to keep your skin clear of sweat-induced bacteria. Your skin is a bit sensitive after working out so the heavy-duty creams and moisturizers are best left at home. Save that for your pre-bedtime routine.


If you’re washing your face before and after you workout, your skin could get a little dry. To avoid this, use a basic facial moisturizer. Apply it to areas that are prone to dry skin, rather than re-clogging your just washed pores.

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