Enhancing Your Unique Eye Size

The textbook idea of beauty is all about the harmony of our facial features. They must be symmetrical, balanced and proportionate to each other. Following this idea of beauty means that the most beautiful person in the world would have to have features that aren’t too big or too small, too far apart or too close together, too protruding or too deep-set. Basically this person would have to be perfect and let’s face it, nobody’s perfect but we’re all beautiful.

When it comes to big eyes versus small eyes, often times people experience this feeling of “The grass is greener on the other side.” But the truth is both are beautiful and enhancing your natural beauty is just a matter of knowing how to make your eyes look more proportionate to the rest of your features. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Big Eyes:

  • Elongate eyes by applying eye liner along the top lashes and flicking it up at the outer corners, creating the Cat Eye look.
  • Thick strokes of eye liner will make your eyes appear more proportionate.
  • Avoid shimmery eye shadows, because they make big eyes appear abnormally large. Instead, use matte eye shadows and line your lower waterlines.
  • Make sure to highlight the inner corners of your eyes and brow bones with light shades of matte eye shadows.
  • Apply mascara on both the upper and lower lashes.

Small Eyes:

  • Use shimmery eye shadows, because they will help reflect light and make eyes appear bigger.
  • Highlight your brown bones and the inner corners of your eyes with a light matte or shimmery eye shadow to make eyes look more open.
  • The Cat Eye look is great for small eyes. Just make sure to use thin strokes of eye liner rather than thick stokes, or else your eyes will appear even smaller.
  • Avoid dark eye shadows. They’ll close up your eyes and make them appear itty-bitty.
  • Line your lower waterlines with a white or nude eye liner to make eyes appear bigger and more open.
  • Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara for that extra oomph.

These are only a few suggestions to help you bring balance and harmony to your features. Experiment, try different techniques and decide which work best for your features. Who cares what the textbook says about beauty? As long as you feel beautiful, that’s all that matters. If you’d like to learn more about how to enhance your unique features, make an appointment with us today.