Simplify Your Life With Cosmetic Organization

Do you ever get the feeling like your bathroom’s getting smaller and you can barely see any counter space amongst all the lipstick, eye shadow and mascara? You are not alone. This happens to many people, especially when they have limited space. Here’s a quick guide to help you organize your cosmetics.

  1. Start by going through all of your beauty products and throwing out any old makeup, hair products, sunscreen and lotions that you haven’t used in awhile:
    a. Mascara and liquid eye liner expire after about three or four months.
    b. Foundation, lipstick and powder expire after one year.
    c. Unless it breaks or becomes shiny, eye shadow expires after two years.
    d. Eye and lip pencils last three to five years, depending on how well take care of them. Sharpen them after each use to preserve them.
    Tip: Going forward, put a sticker on the bottom of your new products and record the date that you opened the item, so you’ll know when it’s time to toss them.
  2. Separate your daily makeup from the rest of your collection and put it in a makeup bag, so it’s ready to grab at your convenience. Place bag in a drawer or on a shelf.
  3. Clear acrylic containers make great makeup organizers, because you can see what makeup you have and are more likely to use it. Depending on your space, you may need counter top or drawer organizers. Check out The Container Store for some cool options.
  4. Once you’ve got the organizing unit that’s right for your space, divvy up your collection and put all your lipstick in one compartment, your shadows in another and your powders in another. Avoid stacking and arrange cosmetics so all your options are visible.
  5. Store all your makeup brushes and tools in a cup or cylinder container. If you store your makeup in the bathroom, consider storing your makeup brushes in a mesh bag to keep bristles clean.

Now that you’ve got your makeup organized, say hello to that pretty countertop you’ve been missing and feel your space open up. Maintain a clean counter space by putting each item back in its place when you’re done using it.