Site Tracker


Phase 1 – Hosting & Network Configuration

Setup of hosting and network resources in order to begin installation of needed software and configuration tools.

Phase 2 – Information Architecture

Creation of wireframe and sitemap for initial spacial and informational needs and resources.

Phase 3 – Homepage Design, Mockup & Approval

Design of initial homepage based on Phase 2 discussions and essential website styling for remainder of website design.

Phase 4 – Interior Page Design, Mockup & Approval

Design of interior page layouts for various types of information and engagement tools through website.

Phase 5 – Content Fulfillment & Setup

Creation and/or porting of existing or new content, video, pictures, links and more to interior pages for final implementation.

Phase 6 – Client & Internal Audit

Review of main website content, architecture and user interface by client and Simply Design for final adjustments.

Phase 7 – Pre-Launch Audit

Final internal audit for structure, testing and quality assurance.

Please Note
At this stage, minor edits to the website are no longer possible to ensure a smooth website launch.

Crucial edits can be attempted on an as needed basis.

Phase 8 – Content Fulfillment & Setup

Launch of website to final URL.

Phase 9 – Post-Launch Audit

Final “scrub” after launch for inspection of links, usability and testing.