The 5 Foods To Have On Hand For Your Face

From favorite lotions to anti-aging creams, everyone has a skin care routine. While your cabinet is full of little jars and tubes that help your complexion, the best thing you can do for your skin is watch what you eat. Simply put, what you eat matters. Every onion ring, hamburger and chocolate bar plays a role in your skin’s appearance. So, what foods should you eat to keep your radiant complexion? Take a look at this list and stock up on healthy foods that promote clear, beautiful skin.


An underestimated fruit, this little green guy is packed with vitamin C. Typically, oranges come to mind when you think of vitamin C, but kiwis trump Florida’s fruit every time. They have more vitamin C per ounce. Vitamin C promotes collagen health, which keeps your skin firm.


This fun little snack is packed with vitamin E, which helps fight wrinkles and keeps your skin looking healthy. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that slows the aging process. It’s even known to diminish the look of scars.


Having salmon for dinner won’t just taste great, it actually helps unclog your pores too. The omega-3 fatty acids in this fish act as age-fighting soldiers, keeping enemies like wrinkles and pimples at bay.


It might not seem like a food that’s great for your skin, but peanut butter is a skin-pleasing food. The vitamin B complex that’s in peanut butter actually boosts your skin’s metabolism and keeps skin moist and smooth.


Whether they’re scrambled, poached or sunny-side up, eggs have all kinds of nutrients that help your skin. Eggs have zinc, vitamin B complex and selenium, which helps calm dry skin and promotes collagen growth.

Your list of go-to skin care products can certainly help you keep beautiful looking skin, but don’t underestimate how the items on our grocery list effect your skin. For some extra help maintaining flawless skin, call us at and make an appointment.